Book 1: Unbinding the Stone

Book 2: A Warrior Made

Tarkas has devoted his life to serving the gods, doing what must be done at a cost only Heroes dare pay. He has also served his adoptive clan, the NarDemlas, as Brother and Second to the clan leader, in preparation for the day a son comes into majority.

That day has come and the delicate balance Tarkas has maintained for more than twenty years is failing, even as it comes to an end. Chaos ensues when forces from his past erupt in the middle of a clan ritual, stealing away both Tarkas and the Heir.

In an instant, Tarkas is catapulted into the greatest mission he has ever known. As faceless enemies conspire in unspeakable ways to destroy all those Tarkas holds dear, he can only hope to buy their salvation with his life.

All Tarkas wanted was to live the life he'd made for himself, get married, have children, as generations of his fathers had done before him since the beginning of time. The Gods had other plans, and Tarkas couldn't say no, even had they bothered to ask him. Between one footstep and the next they alter his life irrevocably, and he finds himself plunged headlong into a new world and life, full of magic, mayhem, monsters, and mystery.

For a new prophecy has pitted the forces of Nature against themselves, and the Gods are helpless. But when even the Gods' gifts have thorns, their need exacts a price that only a Hero would ever dare to pay. Only a Hero can act, and Tarkas has been chosen to do the things that must be done, with the fate of two Realms in the balance.

Short Fiction, available at Echelon Press and!

'Bite Deep'

Christmas among the Vampires!

'Off the Map'

Sandi von Pier: wife, mother, caregiver. Recent abductee from her own universe, unwilling participant in an alien media event. She'd call it 'reality TV', except for the monsters. She'd think it was 'Interdimensional Survivor', except survival doesn't appear to be on the program.

She'd rather not, but they'll throw her to the dragons if she refuses to play!

'Chasing His Own Tale'

His Muse is on strike...
His Hero hates his lines...
His Villain has sworn revenge...
The Editors are in revolt...
What's an Author to do!

'Boys Will Be Boys'

In the town of Stones-Throw, the biggest outdoor sport was watching the shipwreck races. The biggest indoor sports were drinking, brawling, and jacking. Longshanks McGonigle wanted a drink. The denizens of the Port & Swill wanted a fight. And the ladies on the second floor wanted his...password?