Post-Advance comments for St. Martin's Moon (Released May 15th!)

...On the whole, I applaud this take on the werewolf theme. This is a suitable story for fans of sci-fi and the paranormal alike...I feel this would also be a suitable read for a teenage reader of the sci-fi paranormal genre. Possibly, this story should even be marketed specifically to that category of reader...A fun read with a unique perspective Mr. Vun Kannon!...

--Rhonda J Callum-King
Reviewed on Siren Book Reviews

...This author is an exceptionally skilled writer with a vivid imagination. His plot is original and well thought out, his descriptions are well written, and the adventure is non-stop. I enjoyed every page, and found the story immensely satisfying...

--Critique de Book
Reviewed on Amazon

St. Martin's Moon by Marc Vun Kannon is a fast paced action packed tale that kept this reader on the edge of her seat...The isolation and exile of the Coventry Base was tangible. I was continually kept guessing...Overall, an exciting and unique tale that I would most definitely suggest lovers of werewolves add to their bookshelves.

--Heather Faville
Reviewer for Double Shot reviews

Advance comments for St. Martin's Moon (coming soon!)

Marquand is an interesting character, which would make for an excellent sequel or series because the character depth is so strong and deep. I found the mystery engrossing and often got lost in the story trying to figure it out. St. Martin's Moon is worth the read for the mystery, intense action and excellent character creation.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Have to admit I'd like to see a sequel to St. Martin's Moon, simply because I found Marquand so interesting. I like Marquand as a character - he has depth. Although I'm not normally a fan of werewolf stories, I really liked yours. The premise of werewolves on the moon really caught my attention. The story was such that I could easily suspend disbelief, especially since it grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go until the very end. Had an awful time editing it - kept getting caught up in the story.

--Kat Thompson
Executive Editor, Echelon Press

Praise for Steampunk Santa (available on Kindle)

This was my second Steampunk experience ever, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This short story was a fun romp. It’s hard to go wrong with Santa and the elves.

--B. Tackitt, reviewer at Red Adept Reviews

You immediately fall in love with the main character, and the author's humor is prevalent through the whole story...Steampunk Santa is a holiday tale, sure to become a tradition!

--Sean Hayden, author of Origins

“Thank you for the most delightful story. I had never read any Steampunk before and was not sure what to expect. The story really brought out the spirit of the season as two elves, with vastly different temperaments and abilities end up working together to solve a major Christmas time problem. I liked the two chief elves, Tom and Flar, and the spirit of cooperation that they showed. The story also reflected that good will succeed over bad in the end.”
--Jo Ann, a Kindle Reader

"Nice little story, easy to read. Steampunk Santa is set in a time when Santa is just starting to go big time, Santa sets up a contest for his elves to help find ways to deliver toys to the world’s children. The combination of technology and elven magic is charming. There is just enough chicanery to add spice to the tale of the [competition] for Head Elf." --Lynn, at Kindle Korner

Praise for Chasing His Own Tale (available on Kindle)

This farce created by our very own Author Guy, Marc Vun Kannon is a fun and hilarious ride into the mind of an author in the midst of a work in progress.

--Heather Faville
Reviewer for Double Shot reviews

As a writer, I totally get the theme of having to battle with your characters, or listen to them battle each other, to get pen to paper in a productive manner. But many a bitchy journal entry I've written over the years can't compare with the humor with which Mr. Kannon captures his Muse, Hero, and Enchantress. In between chuckles I found myself saying more often that not "Hey! I know how that feels!" I will be looking out for more of Kannon's work in the future cause if it's even half as funny, it's well worth it. ^_^ It's really cute and I will be reading it again.
-- AtQuillsMercy LiveJournal entry

In "Ex Libris," the library has become a very dangerous place to visit. Things are escaping from books—deadly, impossible things. And the only thing standing between these things and chaos are the world's most highly trained and deadly ninja-librarians. Marc Vun Kannon plays this story with an admirably straight face, which turns out to be a good idea; otherwise, the story might collapse under the weight of the silliness of the original premise.
Martin McGrath, reviewing Triangulations: Taking Flight for The Fix

For those readers who enjoy fantasy, "Ex Libris" by Marc Vun Kannon will be a treat. This solid story about a library where the characters in the books come alive - often with deadly consequences - is an enjoyable thrill ride.
Kyle White, reviewing Triangulations: Taking Flight for The Harrow

Tarkas, a young and unpretentious Singer, finds himself cast into the role of an apprentice Hero. Together with his mentor, a Demi-God, and a non-descript beast, Tarkas embarks on a mission of uncertain nature. Breathtaking adventure and many dangers are their lot while, undeterred, they move through a Dantesque world.

The universe in which Tarkas moves is governed by capricious gods, demi-gods and other supernatural entities, who set their own rules and then swiftly change them at their whim, leaving Tarkas disoriented and the reader thirsty to see what else they have in store for him.

Unbinding the Stone is a tale through which the reader is forced to face the capricious nature of Life and the obscure meaning of omens that can make you take the wrong turn and head for perdition. It also takes you through the complete gamut of human behavior, from the careless indifference to death to the deepest sympathy for somebody else's tribulation. But when it comes right down to it, the extraordinary behavior of the characters in the book, when stripped of the magic and fantasy accessories, is not much different from what we face in real life. That makes you wonder.

However, if you don't feel like philosophizing, don't worry. The book is just plainly entertaining, even if read without an eye for the roots of human nature. It contains some pearls that make the reader smile no matter what - the "thatway", a path that can only be found when not paying attention, and a friendly incarnation of Death with which it is a pleasure to go for a walk - to mention just two.

Fans of the genre will find an enjoyable new voice in this fast-paced fable. This is one of those books that make you wonder whether you really read the whole 393 pages; you won't be able to shake away the feeling that maybe – just maybe – one of the many spells it contains has taken you too quickly, by a hidden magic route, to the last page.
--Kfir Luzzatto
Echelon Press 2003

I haven't had this much fun since Willow! Vun Kannon left me breathless with this well-crafted story. Start to finish, the crisp dialogue and detailed, realistic plot of The Flame in the Bowl: Unbinding The Stone never ceases to entertain. The focus of the tale is on the adventures of Tarkas the Singer, a charming character who is always boiling in some sort of moral stew. He doesn't seem to understand the rules and morals he clumsily applies to his own life until he is cast from his social womb and stumbles blindly into a world of sorcerers, demons, and invisible storm dragons where the rules are as unpredictable as weather. The ensuing adventures are wonderfully exciting as Tarkas and his pals struggle with love, danger, and ominous dreams, moments that are spiced by the presence of carefully composed, witty dialogue. But the most endearing parts of this book for me are the scenes of great compassion, such as when the runner who is spreading the word that Tarkas has been banned pauses long enough to remove his own sandals and give them to the barefoot Tarkas. This is the type of behavior we need more of in our own society, and part of the pleasure in reading this book is realizing how closely Vun Kannon's characters resemble people you find yourself dreaming you might someday meet on your own streets.
--Darla Dollman
author of Just a Little More than Strange
Echelon Press 2005

Remarkably complex and often very funny, this first book by Marc Vun Kannon is more fable than fantasy and reminds me of myths and stories about the Chinese Monkey God. The Flame in the Bowl: Unbinding the Stone is definitely NOT your usual, run-of-the-mill tale of saving the world from dark magics but something considerably more original!
--Tanya Huff
DAW Books, 2002

Marc Vun Kannon has created a unique and memorable fantasy tale. This fantasy tale is riddled with detailed descriptions and well-developed settings that bring the characters' experiences to the forefront. The story is filled with original, diverse characters who display personalities and characteristics that make them a joy to read. Readers will enjoy the banter between Khan and Tarkas. Mr. Vun Kannon leads the reader through the story with entertaining dialogue and descriptions. There are moments of action, despair, and humor. Each moment in the story, regardless of how seemingly inconsequential, ties into the much greater whole of Tarkas' journey. Marc Vun Kannon is very adept at taking small details and using them to enhance the overall story. If you enjoy a fantasy novel that has been carefully crafted, you will enjoy The Flame in the Bowl: Unbinding the Stone.
--Fallen Angel Reviews

Vun Kannon has written an interesting tale that uses a new approach on how the gods, demi-gods, heroes and elementals interact in order to keep the planes and worlds in order. This is not the ordinary fantasy/sword and sorcery tale and it is one that will give you something to think about as you look forward to more adventures.
--Barry Hunter

This book is filled with one adventure after another, each more exciting than the last. There are bits of humor in it as well. This is also a bit of a coming of age book as Tarkas grows to full hero status and learns all kinds of things about himself. This is definitely an entertaining book and is well worth the time.
--Timeless Tales Book Reviews

"UNBINDING THE STONE is a witty, fantastical adventure with a motley crew of unsuspecting heroes."
--Erin Jolene, ErinReads

"Funny and fantastical, UNBINDING THE STONE is one of the better fantasy novels I've read in a while. I can't wait to see what's next."
--Dana Elian, author of MUSIC OF MY HEART

Reader Reviews!

Your Flame in the Bowl series is seductive...The more I read the more I learn about the character and the more I learn about character the more interesting the story becomes.

--James Briggs, who got my books at Readercon, in an email

I am sending you a letter about your book: "The Flame in the Bowl". The books about Tarkas and his adventures were great. I couldn't stop reading them! Right now I am on chapter 6 of "A Warrior Made". I usually don't like reading books that much, but I am addicted to your books, they're just so good! I love all the action in these books. I met you one time at the Wading River Halloween Fair. We spoke briefly about your books and I appreciated your autograph. I am looking forward to more of your work.
-- Kevin Block, Pulaski Street School, Riverhead, NY

Marc is an up and coming new author in the field of science fiction. With a great talent this man will go far in the publishing world. Read both of his current books Unbinding and A Warrior Made and you will see what I mean.

I would strongly recommend reading both Unbinding The Stone and A Warrior Made to see the talent at work. He has a gift for language and way of making you feel that you are in the story with Tarkas fighting with the beasts, meeting Death, sleeping in a tree, and looking for Rogue Lords.
-- Marcie, in the Fantasy Fiction Dungeon Yahoo group

I just finished A Warrior Made and "Thranj's Beard!", it was even better than I anticipated...imaginative and exciting, I was on the edge of my page every minute. [Marc Vun Kannon has] created quite a fantastic world to visit with great characters....which now begs the question, when will I be hearing more from my new friends? Thanks for the many hours of great reading, it's truly a gift.
-- Shannon , Wading River (added 6-21-06)

I bought the two books noted above at the Wading River Duck Pond Day Fair. I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed them. Occasionally I was a little confused with your descriptions of events and/or the monsters and had to re-read portions of your books, but I always continued reading because I had to know the outcomes.
Please let me know when the next book in the series comes out.
-- Doris Korneliussen, Wading River (added 6-21-06)

I started reading [Unbinding the Stone] as soon as I got home and could not put it down, an experience I have rarely had, at least with any contemporary novels from the "so called" best seller list. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the combination of intelligence and imagination in the writing. Though I am no expert, it has been my experience that authors tend to "dumb it down" I suspect to reach a wider variety of readers. But, fear not! Your clever phrases and use of language did not deter me…for I absolutely love to read rich vocabulary particularly when it's used to tell a great story. I was charmed by the characters and compelled by the constant adventures: Tarkas the believable hero, Khan the god of sharp wit, Deffin the cute and vicious…and even that redheaded b**** of a Lady, who I hated, but the personality came through loud and clear, which I love in a villain. The magic and mythology, great imagination, not too out there so as to seem way overstretched, but out there enough to be enchanting, yet just close enough to be believable...(in other words I didn't feel like I was being force fed a bunch of regurgitated crap recycled from every other successful work of fiction, ever)…[J]ust like to say thank you, and bravo! I ordered A Warrior Made from Echelon, I can't wait see what these new friends are up to, I hope nothing happens to Deffin (animal lover).
-- Shannon , Wading River

In "The Flame in the Bowl: A Warrior Made", Marc Vun Kannon has crafted a compelling tale of Gods and Goblins, and of Magic and a Hero named Tarkas. Our Hero, along with his nephew Janosec, guides the reader through innumerable adventures. Through each adventure, Vun Kannon paints a word picture which kindles the reader's imagination, resulting in an inferno. A "must read" for every devotee of this genre.
--Steve Shark, reviewer on

"It was an enjoyable read, lots of action, good imaginary realms. The character development could be stronger...Good sensual details, good reactions to trauma. The scene with the burials was touching. The start was a little confusing...but I really liked Querdishani, the Lady of the Air, and cute little/big Deffin. Definitely an interesting first novel."
--S. Harper, from the original_fantasy group on

"When I first began to read the book, I thought it was good. As I continued through the chapters, I thought this was great!...after reading his first book, I definitely want more!...There are a lot of things in this book that are interesting and new, creatures that are definitely interesting, an interesting take on the planes, a good spell system, and a method of inter/intra planer travel that is unique.
But it's the style of his writing that is exciting. Every chapter has a tease at the end to draw you into the next chapter...This type of action makes the book a hard to put down book. But it is also the contents themselves. His fantasy is full and rich and you would swear that he was a game designer in the way his world unfolds...This is, in my opinion, a definite must read. Besides I want more! "
--A reader called Torz on the web, who bought the book from me at a local event

"That was fun!"
--T. Hanover, Canada

"A happy read."
--Jean G., Farmingdale, NY

"Marc Vun Kannon has published Unbinding the Stone, a fantasy novel with an epic vision veiled in a skein of humor and down-to-earth, simple characters. Combining Pratchett's wit with Tolkien's imagination, he creates his story with rare skill...Vun Kannon avoids deus ex machina with grace and élan, has good character development, and is consistent. He has both the trappings and the substance of a good book, weaving them together seamlessly."
--Chris Wright